About eMatti

Evelyne Matti


BSc Business Administration
(major in Marketing)

Design toolkit

Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Visio

Who is eMatti?

eMatti is simply me — Evelyne Matti, a Sydney-based business owner, brand designer, desktop publisher, web designer and tender support service provider specialising in helping businesses put their best foot forward so that they can start winning more contracts to grow their business.

When you work with eMatti, you deal with only one point of contact and that person is me! You can reach me via email, phone or schedule a Zoom meeting.

Previous experience

Prior to establishing my virtual business, I worked for 16 years in the corporate environment internationally in various roles:

My career includes time with:

  • The Queen Elizabeth Hotel – Montreal, Canada
  • The Windsor Hotel – Montreal, Canada
  • British Airways – Montreal, Canada
  • Air France – Manila, The Philippines
  • Raymond Engineers (subs. Kaiser Engineers USA) – Perth, Western Australia
    Buyer Engineered Equipment | Worsley Alumina Project and
    Assistant Procurement Manager | North West Shelf Gas Project
  • House of Adler Jewelry – Honolulu, Hawaii USA
  • Princeville Development Corporation – Kauai, Hawaii USA
  • Fluor – Melbourne, VIC Australia
  • Evans & Peck | Business Advisory Unit (now part of Worley) – Sydney NSW Australia