What clients are saying …

Evelyne Matti has been assisting our team at Qube with bids and tenders since 2013. In this time, Evelyne has provided support on large tenders, delivering exemplary tender design, editing, proofing and formatting services, often at very short notice and contributing to the team being able to submit the highest quality RFT responses. Evelyne’s support has extended to designing Qube’s proposal templates, diagrams and charts, assisting with ensuring that compliance to RFT requirements has been met and assisting with any production elements of the final bid submission. Evelyne is always a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to other companies or individuals requiring tender support.

Lana Kocic

National Bid Manager, QUBE

Before engaging Evelyne we read the Client Testimonials and thought surely someone couldn’t be this good. Well, we can confidently say that her work standard and her work ethic to give us the best result was exceptional. She helped us formulate a structured and well presented tender response with supporting documentation and designed our website which exceeded our expectations. She was thorough and very quick to respond to our queries. We couldn’t keep up with her! She’s become our secret weapon in giving us the professional edge in tender submissions. We strongly recommend her services – you won’t be disappointed.

Lindsay Baker


Evelyne has created and branded all our corporate documents, policies and procedure manual and has assisted us in the preparation of major tenders. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she always guides us in the right direction to make our business look professional. She is always a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for your next branding or tender project.

P.S.: We have completed the Audit and I’m happy to report we have been accredited! Flowcharts were a hit.

Donna Harris

Administration Manager, SOLIGO CONCRETE

One hour of your time is worth more than 10 hours because of the depth of experience and efficiency you bring to achieve the desired outcomes. You have an exceptional ability to prepare winning tenders. Having won several tenders now with your excellent services, I can relax knowing that I can rely on your complete understanding of the mandatory criteria and technical requirements to produce documents that are compliant in content and have visual appeal.

Karen Armstrong


Good news we have been awarded the contract to remediate the former Fitzroy Gasworks site in Victoria, so well done!

Cain Horsington

Estimating Manager, ENVIROPACIFIC

Thanks again for your awesome work on the tender for the (name withheld) project. We were awarded the contract. Client said it was the best tender they had ever seen!

Clinton Dick


I have some good news. I found out yesterday that my pre-qualification application has been successful in nine of the categories that I had applied for, which is an excellent outcome. Thank you for your help and guidance, and for motivating me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

David McKay


There have been few people along my journey that have been very instrumental to my success. You being one of them. So thank you for your services and words of wisdom. Truly appreciate you by my side.

Naz Randeria


I had been searching for someone to rebrand my business and redesign my website and Evelyne Matti’s work was soon very much in view, as she had created a website for a business that I often visited and it was sensational … What I particularly liked about my first couple of phone calls with Evelyne was that she asked a lot of questions to understand my needs and then established a value marker that she could work within to meet my requirements and budget. This built a level of trust immediately as it was very clear what would be delivered.

Evelyne made it easy for me to like everything this amazing person created for my business website and brand. She provided me with some much needed guidance on best practices for adding content to the website and to maintain its integrity. She has been very supportive when I have required assistance with my website. My brand has been established through Evelyne’s ability to be on point with her clients. Her work exceeded my expectations. Not only did I receive the WOW factor I was after but visitors to my website continually comment on how great it is to navigate around and how visually appealing it is. Evelyne is my Brand and Web designer guru.

Jenny Wren

Yoga Instructor | End-of-Life Doula, JENNY WREN WELLNESS

I have been able to rely, and I must admit lean on Evelyne over the past 17 years as my web designer and support.  No job is ever too big or small and she is always 100% there for me in both the times of crisis and celebration.  I have a successful Pilates Studio and online portal for home workouts and Evelyne has assisted me in navigating the ever changing technological world that is the furthest from my instinctual self.   Evelyne is so quick to notice a need for change that it’s almost like she is reading my thoughts.  Sometimes I am about to send an email as I receive one with that thought already actioned.  How does she do it, I wonder.  I am so very grateful for her communication and how easy it is to discuss with her a language that is foreign to me.  I would honestly be lost without Evelyne as my wing man and can not recommend her highly enough to anyone wanting more than just a website.  Not only is Evelyne creative but her eye for detail is flawless and she will ensure you organise yourself even when you may not want to.  Evelyne gets the job done with no fuss and a lot of flare.  Thank you for helping me so often over the years.

Kimberley Garlick

Owner | Pilates Instructor | NLP & Life Coach , NORTHERN RIVERS PILATES

What fellow virtual associates say
about working with me

I engaged Evelyne Matti for my new branding and website development project. I chose eMatti because I have been impressed with her previous work for my clients and other business owners in my industry that I have seen transformed through Evelyne‘s work.

I found working with Evelyne to be extremely straightforward, clear, concise and full of guidance and options that delivered everything I was hoping for and more.

Since rolling out my new branding across my business, especially my digital footprint, I have had numerous comments from clients and potential clients saying how much they love my branding and how much it truly reflects me and my style of business. I can’t recommend Evelyne and her services highly enough.

With Evelyne‘s help I’m now standing out front and centre of my branding in a way that truly reflects me – and I can’t thank her enough for guiding me through the process with such care and attention.

Korryn Haines

Google Workspace Geek, KORRYN HAINES

Having known Evelyne through VYVA now for nearly 10 years, I can honestly say she amazes me with how much knowledge she has of so many systems, industries, and people.

Her willingness to share that knowledge and help with members (often for no monetary value) is something she does daily, if not weekly. She transformed my website from bland to grand practically overnight.

Her attention to detail and graphic design skills are second to none, she nails it every time.

I have worked on several projects (as a Copywriter andVirfecto proofreader) with Evelyne over the years and find that the projects are all of a very high calibre across several different industries.

I’m very lucky to have been able to meet Evelyne several times, as we lived quite near each other.  She is such a refined, gentle and intelligent woman with a personal and work ethic in the online space that you don’t see often these days.

Shauna Upson

Copywriter, SHAUNA UPSON

Since 2017 Evelyne has provided to both myself and our clients, advanced desktop publishing, branding and graphic design services. Evelyne is always reliable, understands instructions the first time, and keeps the communication channels open – making her an absolute dream to work with. She’s also super generous with her time, sharing her knowledge widely within the industry.

Kirsty Wilson


Thank you Evelyne for your assistance and guidance when it comes to all things branding and design. Evelyne has helped me over the last 8 years in my business and has been an incredible support when it comes to design and branding. Evelyne is my go to branding and design expert when I have clients that need support in this area too. I would highly recommend Evelyne when it comes to brand design services including logo design, web design, print design, graphic design, book design, banners and more. Thank you Evelyne for all your support.

Sam McFarlane

Owner | Social Media Content Manager, SAM SAYS

Evelyne uses her skill and experience to help you find what you’re looking for in your branding. She first helped me when I was new to business and gave me guidance, advice and fantastic branding that was more than what I could have hoped for. She came in and tweaked my self-designed website into one that clients would comment on when I spoke to them. I am now in the middle of a re-brand and even though I’m not new to business anymore, Evelyne helped shape and guide my original vision to reality. I can’t wait to see what my new website looks like. Thank you Evelyne, your support and follow through has been amazing and thoughtful during a difficult time in my life. I can’t wait to launch my new brand!

Catriona Burgess


Evelyne, took over my website, when I was stressed and unable to think. She gave me clear direction and took my colours and logo and designed my beautiful website. I love my website. It is simple (which is what I needed) easy to read and I am found on google (SEO). I am very grateful for Evelyne for taking the stress and managing the process. thank you a million times. I recommend Evelyne to my clients.

Fleur Gowland

Owner | Virtual Assistant, HELP ADMIN

I had heard all of the hype about the wonderful work that Evelyne Matti does, so when it was time to get a new logo I didn’t hesitate in getting in touch. Evelyne took the time to learn about my business, the look and feel I was wanting, then went to work on her magic. She created a new fresh logo that was exactly what I wanted, even though I didn’t know what I wanted myself. She was professional, friendly and her attention to detail is impeccable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Evelyne to anyone who is needing her services. She is an absolute superstar! Thank you Evelyne.

Nicole Brady

Owner | Virtual Assistant, VA AUSTRALIA

I was recommended by a member of a website group, to reach out to Evelyne Matti to help me design my logo, as she had been so great with their company. Not only did Evelyne design my logo, after patiently putting designs forward for me to choose from, she also went on to design my website. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her, and it was such a relief to know I had my website in good hands. I cannot recommend Evelyne highly enough, and indeed have recommended her on to others, and they have been delighted too. You will be so happy with the results.

Theresa Pendergast


Evelyne is so professional and a wealth of knowledge. She worked through my rebrand with me and provided an amazing website, logo and expert advice. Her service went above and beyond what I expected. Highly recommend.

Corrina Pryce-Davies

Founder | Virtual Assistant, OPEN DOOR SOLUTIONS

I recently worked with Evelyne on the rebrand of my website and I loved how professional and focused she was. I guess I am used to telling people how and what, but she totally took over and constantly prompted me to do things enabling to get the site done. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and I am happy to recommend her to my customers if they ever need a website.

Kairi Kaljo

Virtual Assistant, Digital Content Creator Photographer, VIRTUAL AVENUE

Working with Evelyne was an absolute pleasure. Evelyne designed my logo, business cards and website for Kate Duck Words Work. While clearly skilled in her field what impressed me most was the way that she captured what was important to me, resulting in a product was not just aesthetically pleasing but rang true to my authentic self. Evelyne also made a number of site tweaks so that my new look and feel had a more polished home and I had a more professional face to present to the world.

Kate Duck


Evelyne has done an amazing job with my website, I absolutely love it. She was very organised in taking all my details and requirements for what I wanted and then went ahead and built the site. Evelyne was great to deal with, very generous with her time and got the job done very quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Karen Jones

Owner | Virtual Executive Assistant, FLOURISH PA